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Individual Leadership Awards Winners

This page lists the individual award winners of 2023 Student Life Leadership Awards. For a listing of organization award winners, visit the Organization Winner webpage. Also be sure to check out the Leadership Awards highlight on @StudentLifeOSU on Instagram.

Outstanding First-Year Student Award

The Outstanding First-Year Student Award is designed to recognize the efforts of first-year students on Ohio State’s campus. Award recipients have engaged in experiences both in and out of the classroom that have increased their responsibilities to the campus community. These students have demonstrated an ability to balance academics with their involvement and have shown promise for future leadership at Ohio State.

Chelsea Afadzi 

Chelsea Afadzi, a Political Science major and first-year student from Liberty Township, Ohio, is being recognized for her involvements at Ohio State. Chelsea wishes to embody holistic leadership, love, grace, integrity, resilience, and compassion, all of which is intrinsically related to her involvement with her faith community. She is also deeply committed to global education, specifically through her involvements with the African Youth League and the Undergraduate Black Student Leadership Cohort. She hopes to continue her pursuit of further experiences aboard during her time at Ohio State, as well as more experience with learning about diverse languages and cultures. 

Allison Lewis 

Allison Lewis, a first-year Food Engineering major from Bellbrook, Ohio, is being honored for her commendable achievements at Ohio State. As a member of both the Society of Women Engineers and their Early Leader Ambassador Program, Allison has been selected to participate in an in-depth exploration of personal leadership development to prepare her for a Chair or Officer position in the organization in the future. Allison is also an Eminence Fellow and holds a leadership position in the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Her recommender believes that she will “continuously, intentionally learn from her peers [and] leaders” throughout the rest of her time at Ohio State.

Zaarah Syed 

Zaarah Syed, a first-year student from Muscat, Oman, and Chennai, India in the Biology Honors Program, is being honored for her outstanding achievements at Ohio State. In her role as a member of the Program for Advancing Scholarship & Service (PASS), she created connections with the Office of Diversity & Inclusion and Office of International Affairs, both of which represent her passion for global education. She has also shadowed at the OSU Wexner Medical Center’s Ross Heart Hospital and is a member of the Shotokan Karate Club and representative of Team USA in the International Goodwill tournament. In her own words, Zaarah is “not shying away from experiences” and is “not afraid to take a leap” throughout the rest of her undergraduate journey.

Outstanding Graduate/Professional Student Award

Among the highest honors conferred to graduate and professional students, this award recognizes those who have made outstanding contributions to Ohio State in leadership and service outside their academic program. To be selected, students must demonstrate their ability to balance scholarship with their leadership and involvement.

Hamza Azhar 

As a graduate student pursuing his Master’s in Business Administration from Pakistan, Hamza Azhar is being recognized for his commendable achievements during his time at Ohio State. Hamza is an outstanding scholar and involved Buckeye, being an active member of organizations such as the Fisher Indian Student Association and Fisher Graduate Networking Club. In a nod to his commitment to DE&I initiatives, Hamza led the planning of the Diwali festival at the Fisher College of Business. He also revitalized the Fisher Graduate Networking Club after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, going above and beyond in recruiting an extraordinary leadership team and providing opportunities for community and professional development for Fisher students. 

Alessandra Bliss  

Alessandra Bliss, from Cleveland, Ohio, is being recognized for her outstanding achievements at Ohio State as she pursues her Doctor of Medicine. A dedicated scholar and involved student, Alessandra has been a tutor for Seeds of Literacy for seven years, a nonprofit providing free educational opportunities, such as GED prep and financial literacy courses. In addition, she serves as the Graduate/Professional Student Delegate on Ohio State’s Foundation Board, the university’s major philanthropic organization, where she acts as a voice for over 14,000 students on campus. She aspires to become a physician to support her community and be an advocate for DEI initiatives. 

Katherine Conner 

Katherine Conner, a Linguistics PhD student from Virginia Beach, Virginia, is being recognized for her exemplary accomplishments at Ohio State. In addition to her stellar academic achievements, Katherine serves as part of the Council of Graduate Students, participating in and advocating for further community engagement and service events for Buckeyes to participate in. Katherine also exceled in her roles as a Research Assistant and Graduate Teaching Associate. Katherine’s sustained involvement and willingness to serve in a variety of challenging roles have resulted in her commendable leadership and admirable commitment to the Buckeye community.  

Stanley D. Gottsegen Leadership Award

First awarded in 2006, the Stanley D. Gottsegen Leadership Award recognizes one student leader each year who has demonstrated outstanding involvement in co-curricular activities with a monetary award of $1,000. Students must be undergraduate juniors or seniors involved in one of the following organizations: Undergraduate Student Government, Ohio Union Activities Board, Greek Governing Councils, Makio or Ohio Staters, Inc. Stanley D. Gottsegen graduated from Ohio State in 1954 with a BS in Business Administration. During his time at Ohio State, Mr. Gottsegen was involved in a wide variety of campus activities and programs. He served as Secretary for Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity, Chairman of the 1952 Dad’s Day events, Secretary-Treasurer for the Fraternity Council, President of the Ohio Student Party Association and Vice President of Sphinx. Additionally, he was involved with Fraternity Affairs, Makio and May Week Committee, Ohio Staters, Inc., Ohio State Sesquicentennial Committee, Student Senate and Sundial.

Margaret Kaniecki

Maggie Kaniecki, a senior City & Regional Planning and History student from North Royalton, Ohio, is being recognized for her leadership and service to the Sorority and Fraternity Life community. Serving on the Panhellenic Association Executive Board and Greek Programming Board, Maggie helped inspire community during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and helped return the Greek community to pre-COVID standards over her time at Ohio State. She works tirelessly to promote connection between peers and develop social capital within Greek Life. Her efforts have left a legacy of collaboration and communication within SFL. After graduation, Maggie intends to attend law school to provide legal and developmental support for small towns across Ohio. 

Kaplan Humanitarian Award

The Kaplan Humanitarian Award was first awarded in 1961 to honor Rabbi Harry Kaplan who served as director of the B’nai B’rith Hillel Foundation for 34 years and whose love for all people personified what has helped make Ohio State a world-class leader in higher education. This award is given each year to acknowledge students whose efforts, on behalf of intercultural, interfaith and/or interracial understanding, have made a distinctive contribution toward achieving the ideas for what Rabbi Kaplan stood.

Kelsey Lowman 

Kelsey Lowman, a senior Political Science major with a minor in Women, Gender & Public Policy from Hudson, Ohio, is being recognized for her humanitarian efforts at Ohio State. In her four years of advocacy as a leader within Undergraduate Student Government, she has maintained her commitment to transforming her passion for social justice into meaningful change. Through the Senate Council of Student Affairs, she has collaborated with student activists and successfully advocated for religious accommodations, first-generation student resources, student basic needs, food and housing security, increased student wages, and improved working conditions, all of which demonstrates her care for community members at Ohio State, in Columbus, and beyond. 

Dr. Ellamae Simmons Award

Born in 1918 in Mount Vernon, Ohio, Dr. Ellamae Simmons dreamed of becoming a physician. Throughout her life, she experienced racism and sexism on a frequent basis as a Black woman. She was initially denied from Ohio State’s nursing program because of her race but ended up joining the Red Cross and served in the U.S. Army Nursing Corps for more than three years during World War II. Following the war, she applied again to Ohio State and was accepted to the Biological Sciences program. Dr. Ellamae Simmons went on to earn her Masters in Social Work from Ohio State, and her medical degree from Howard University. This award recognizes students who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and service – with particular regard to issues at the intersection of race and gender.

Kyanna Johnson 

Kyanna Johnson, a current School Psychology PhD student from Harlem, New York City, is being honored with the Dr. Ellamae Simmons Leadership Award. Kyanna is deeply dedicated to using an intersectional lens while doing research, with specific focus on equity at the intersection of race and gender. As the Social Justice Chair in Ohio State’s Affiliates of School Psychology Chapter Organization, Kyanna has used her experiences as a researcher and educator to help create positive change for Black youth, particularly Black girls and Black LGBTQ+ children who disproportionately receive harsher disciplinary measures during their K-12 education. 

Boehm Holistic Wellness Award

Sponsored by the Student Life Wellness Center, this award is presented in both individual and organization categories. The award recognizes Buckeyes who have promoted holistic wellness through leadership.

Kayley Irwin 

Kayley Irwin, a medical student from Twinsburg, Ohio, is being recognized for her dedication to promoting holistic wellness at The Ohio State University. A leader in Sexual Health and Reproductive Education (SHARE), the College of Medicine’s “Humanism in Medicine” groups, and the Honor in Professionalism Council, Kayley has a demonstrated history of advocating for physical, emotional, environmental, intellectual, and social health, particularly for those coming from medically underserved communities.  

Phyllis Bailey Inclusion Award

Phyllis Bailey (1926-2022) is known for promoting inclusivity within Ohio State campus recreation and athletics. Within her 39 years of service at the university, she advanced female student-athlete participation, impacting women student athletes nationwide. Sponsored by Student Life Recreational Sports, the Phyllis Bailey Inclusion Award recognizes an individual student who has demonstrated active inclusion within their involvement at The Ohio State University. In line with Bailey’s legacy, applicants should be able to describe how they utilize their leadership on campus to create inclusive spaces for students of all identities to interact and engage with. Multiple avenues exist for this, such as campus organizations, programs and events, campus recreation, and/or wellness initiatives.

Madelin Ching 

A junior Medical Anthropology major from Bloomington, Illinois, Madelin Ching is being recognized for her efforts toward inclusivity on campus, specifically within Mountaineers at Ohio State. Madelin has actively strived to engage students to participate in mentorship and scholarship and establish a more inclusive organization. Madeline works to ensure that all students can participate, feel welcomed, and interact with each other as part of the organization. She has worked to advance gender equity and representation within the organization and works to make trips more affordable and accessible to all. 

Kayla Hopkins 

Kayla Hopkins, a senior Social Work student from Napoleon, Ohio is being recognized for her advocacy of inclusion and wellness on campus. Kayla is a Student Facility Coordinator in the Department of Rec Sports, where she has championed several DEI initiatives, including making sure Rec Sports’ hiring practices are fair and equitable. Kayla also dedicates her time and talents to working with TOPS interns and employees, helping facilitate programming where individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities can engage in course work at Ohio State while gaining work experience and living skills. Kayla’s commitment to fostering inclusion at Ohio State is noteworthy, and after graduation she plans to pursue her Master’s in Social Work. 

Willie J. Young Sr. Student Impact Award

This award will focus on students who have had a positive impact on their off-campus community. Sponsored by Willie J. Young Sr. Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement, this award is in memory of Willie J. Young, Sr., who exemplified what it means to engage and support those in our community with care and without judgement. Winners of this award will embody these values in how they positively impact their off-campus community.

Ayush Mehra 

As a senior Human Nutrition major from Dublin, Ohio, Ayush Mehra is being recognized for his incredible leadership with the organization he founded: Buckeyes Racial/ethnic Equity Awareness Centered in Healthcare (BREACH). The organization started as a podcast, with Ayush facilitating conversations with professionals about recent concerns in healthcare. Yet, Ayush is striving to register BREACH as a 501(c)3 nonprofit and facilitate a wider range of equity-related healthcare services. Ayush’s outstanding commitment to serving off-campus residents has enabled a broader reach of healthcare services and dialogue on achieving equitable care. 

Anitvir Taunque 

Anitvir Taunque, a sophomore Biomedical Science student from West Chester, Ohio, is being recognized for his outstanding service and support for the off-campus community. Anitvir volunteers at the Noor Community Clinic, advocating for inclusive care and even learning Urdu to communicate with patients who had previously faced a language barrier. Anitvir is also a proponent of ethical service, ensuring that projects focus on the needs of the community. Anitvir’s exemplary dedication to DE&I efforts in the community have contributed to a higher quality of life for Buckeyes and Columbus residents alike. 

Kush Yadav 

A Comparative Biomedical Science graduate student from Bhairahawa, Nepal, Kush Yadav is being recognized for his commendable service to the campus community. As a part of the Farm Science Review, Kush informs community stakeholders about approaches to prevent bacteria, viruses, and parasites, especially vital since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Kush also presents to community groups and schools about the importance of safe health practices and vaccines, doing so with stellar interpersonal communication skills. Through Kush’s advocacy and dedication to the off-campus community, he contributes to keeping Buckeyes across Ohio healthier and more protected from health risks. 

Willie J. Young Sr. Staff Impact Award

This award will focus on professionals whose commitment to a student or group of students exemplifies what it means to care for, mentor and support students in the face of adversity. Sponsored by Willie J. Young Sr. Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement, this award is in memory of Willie J. Young Sr., who took care of students and colleagues alike with care and without judgement. Winners of this award will embody those values in how they support students.

Catherine Montalto 

Dr. Catherine Montalto is being recognized for her engagement with and support for students in the face of adversity. Catherine has been involved with Ohio Staters, Incorporated for 26 years, currently overseeing 18 Student Treasurers. With OSI’s goal to promote the welfare and traditions of the campus community, Catherine has helped support students and the campus community in a variety of ways: installing exhibits at the University Hall Museum, volunteering at the Ohio Stadium, or mentoring current Staters to name a few. Catherine goes out of her way to ensure that students are comforted and supported, consistently dedicating her time and talents to forming relationships and encouraging students. 

Outstanding Mentor Award

Buckeye Leadership Fellows foundationally believes in the impact it makes through leadership and helping others. We work to build communities and mentorship opportunities for those around us, to be stronger together. This award recognizes individuals who go above and beyond to foster mentorship for those in their lives. This individual embodies leadership, empathy, and embraces taking the path less traveled. They go above and beyond in their duties and help create personal and professional development opportunities for those on campus. To recognize that our Buckeye Nation extends beyond the university, this award is presented in two categories: Faculty/Staff mentor and External mentor.

Mary Sterenberg 

Mary Sterenberg is an Associate Professor within the School of Communcation, also working to provide internship and career opportunities for communications students. Mary is being recognized for her incredible mentorship, consistently working to support students and ensure they have the skills and competencies to succeed. Mary goes out of her way to uplift others and provide opportunities for growth. Mary’s efforts instill confidence and ambition in her mentees, with one of her nominations stating, “I am so excited for my future career in the field because of Mary.”  

Jeff and Amy Wittmann 

Jeff and Amy Wittmann exemplify mentorship. These Buckeye alums have dedicated countless time and energy to supporting students, particularly through BuckeyeThon and the Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program. Their nominators say that it is hard to find mentors who genuinely care as much about Ohio State students as Jeff and Amy do. Whether that is opening their home for monthly meals or opening their networks to help students succeed, these two exemplify what it means to be a mentor. One nominator said they “exemplify leadership and service across campus. They are all about helping hands and building people up wherever they can.” 

Outstanding Green Buckeye Award

Established in 2011 by the Office of Student Life and the President’s and Provost’s Council on Sustainability, this award is now presented each year by the Student Life Sustainability. This award recognizes undergraduate, graduate or professional students who have shown outstanding leadership in furthering sustainability efforts at The Ohio State University. Candidates are evaluated based on demonstrated leadership, scale of environmental impact, creativity and innovation and measurable results.

Ronald Meléndrez-Alvarez

Ronald Meléndrez-Alvarez, a Food Science student from Patzicía, Chimaltenango, Guatemala, is being recognized for his exemplary efforts toward sustainability at Ohio State. Ronald has shown outstanding leadership in his promotion of the compost program within the Food and Agriculture Department and the greater Ohio State campus community. His nomination expresses confidence that, “Ronald will become a pioneer of environmental issues related to food production, food science, and sustainability in his home country of Guatemala.” 

Outstanding Student Employee Experience Student Employee

On-campus student employment is one of many ways for students to get involved at Ohio State and build skills that will serve them throughout their lifetimes. Sponsored by the Student Employee Experience, this award is selected based on nominations received from supervisors or co-workers, and recognizes the contributions of student employees in Student Life offices. Recipients have gone above and beyond their basic job responsibilities and made significant contributions to their offices.


Kristen Asiedu 

Kristen Asiedu, a senior Political Science & City and Regional Planning double-major from St. Paul, MN, is being recognized for her efforts as a Social Change Ambassador with the Social Change Department at Ohio State. Kristen excells in her abilities to administer programs, curricula, volunteers, resources, and logistics that ensure diversity and inclusion are commonplace at Ohio State. She is an advocate for marginalized communities and dedicates herself to her role. Her responsibility and diligence enable her to lead impactful community engagement programs that ensure all voices are heard on campus. 

Elyssa Dorman 

As a Social Work major from Granville, Ohio, Elyssa Dorman is being recognized for her outstanding work in her role as a Community Ambassador at the Willie J. Young, Sr. Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Student Engagement. Elyssa consistently supports and educates students at various levels of familiarity with campus and community resources on a daily basis. Her positive attitude and talent for building relationships enable the office to ensure Buckeye students have the resources for success. Elyssa’s commendable efforts are attributed to a closer and supportive community for off-campus and commuter students and an exemplary student experience. 

Arvcúken Noquisi 

Arvúcken Noquisi, a senior Moving Image Production and Sonic Arts major from Fayetteville, Arkansas, is being recognized for their efforts as a Student Programming Assistant within the Center for Belonging and Social Change. Arvúcken advocates for the Native American and Indigenous student campus community, establishing meaningful programming through CBSC such as Alternative Thanksgiving which enables a space for students to have dialogue about perceptions of Indigenous peoples. They have also helped organize community group meetings for NativeOSU, creating an inclusive and supportive community for Indigenous students on campus. Arvcúken’s exemplary efforts toward DEI work and advocacy have enabled them to excel in their role as a student employee.  

Outstanding Student Employee Expereince Supervisor

Staff who supervise students use employment as a means to teach leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving. Sponored by Student Life Human Resources, this award recognizes these supervisors have gone above and beyond in their efforts to use campus employment as a means to develop student leadership.

Paul Kraemer 

Receiving an outstanding number of nominations, Paul Kraemer, a Program Assistant in Student Life Disability Services, is being recognized for his outstanding supervisory efforts. Paul creates an engaging and supportive work environment for his student employees and consistently advocates for his team. He goes above and beyond when connecting with his employees to ensure they have the resources to succeed. One of his nominators wrote, “Paul has caused me to want to learn more, even when I suspect something might be very difficult or confusing to accomplish.” Another wrote, “I will always remember to but the needs of people that I work or interact with daily before their requirements or demands as a worker.”  

Belonging and Inclusion Impact Award

Sponsored by the Student Life Center for Belonging and Social Change, this award is presented to students that have demonstrated a significant commitment to fostering intercultural impact as part of ongoing efforts to create a globally engaged citizenry among students at The Ohio State University. The award recognizes efforts put forth by students to encourage a deeper understanding of diversity and social justice and create intercultural understanding.

Tiffany Nguyen 

Tiffany Nguyen, a third-year majoring in Health & Rehabilitation Sciences from Powell, Ohio, is being recognized for her commitment to belonging and inclusion at Ohio State. Through her involvement as head Vietnamese medical interpreter for the OSU Asian Free Health Clinic and as a founding member of the First-Generation Pre-Physician Assistant Platform, Tiffany has demonstrated incredible leadership skills and a profound commitment to breaking down barriers for marginalized groups. Her passion for supporting individuals from underserved populations, specifically first-generation students, students with low socioeconomic status, and students of color, is palpable. 

Student Organization: Individual Contribution Awards

This award, sponsored by Student Activities, recognizes those students, faculty, and staff who have made extraordinary contributions to a student organization through their involvement, leadership, and dedication to the organization and its mission. Recognizing that organizational success requires individual contribution in a variety of formats and at all levels, this award is presented in four different categories:

Outstanding New Member

Brian Finley

A senior Air Transportation Major from Youngstown, Ohio, Brian Finley is being recognized for his commendable efforts to the Ohio Union Activities Board as part of the Diversity and Inclusion subcommittee. As a driven individual, Brian is dedicated to improving OUAB’s events while advocating for minority groups on campus. His kind and approachable attitude toward other members makes him a valuable asset to the organization, as he is always willing to support others. Brian has gone above and beyond in his commitment to leadership within OUAB, even recently being offered an executive position after only 5 months in the organization. Yet, as his nomination states, “Brian has proven time-and-time again why he is a leader and someone others look up to.”  

Philip Le

Philip Le, a sophomore Biomedical Engineering student from Dayton, Ohio, is being recognized for his contributions to the Biomedical Engineering Society. Philip has surpassed new member expectations for his willingness to contribute to BMES and the Columbus community. Volunteering to teach STEM based workshops to middle and high school students, clean up trash at Tuttle Park, and represent BMES at a variety of events are just some of the ways Philip’s contributions have enabled BMES to achieve its goals. Philip’s kind and positive attitude enable him to easily connect with peers and get involved with BMES. His efforts in BMES are notable and he helps promote organizational values and enables undergraduates interested in biomedical engineering to gain community and professional competencies. 

Outstanding Emerging Leader

Leena Dughly

Leena Dughly is a junior Neuroscience student from Strongsville, Ohio. Leena is being recognized for her commitment to the Ohio Union Activities Board and her leadership serving on the organization’s Comedy committee. Leena goes above and beyond member expectations, frequently volunteering to be a Project or Marketing Lead. Leena prioritizes the needs of OUAB and always puts forth her best effort to ensure events run smoothly. Her enthusiasm and kindness create a supportive environment for committee meetings and her "leadership by example” contribute to the success of OUAB. 

Vincent Guevarra

A junior from Skokie, Ilinois, studying Chemical Engineering, Vincent Guevarra is being recognized for the dedication and energy he brings to the Pilipino Student Assocation. Vincent volunteers his time and talents to PSA through his leadership of the Tinikling team. Tinikling is a popular traditional Philippine folk dance which, through Vincent’s efforts, enables PSA to celebrate Filipinx culture and heritage. Vincent works to promote inclusivity, one of PSA’s core values, through his instruction of Tinikling to all who want to learn more about Filipinx culture. Despite not holding a formal title, Vincent’s leadership and service have significantly contributed to PSA and its celebration of Filipinx culture. 

Darshan Patel

Darshan Patel, a junior Finance major from Medina, Ohio, is being recognized for his service and contributions to the Buckeye Shadowing Club. Darshan was willing to lead the marketing efforts of the organization, going above and beyond in learning Photoshop for Buckeye Shadowing Club’s outreach efforts. Darshan’s hard work and contributions have led to the success of the organization and his nomination states that he is always leading by example with both “humility and diligence.” His positivity and kindness also promote a supportive environment conducive for success within Buckeye Shadowing Club. 

Walker Sheidow 

A freshman Electrical and Computer Engineering student from Euguene, Oregon, Walker Sheidow is being recognized for her contributions to the Society of Women Engineers. As a new member, Walker intentionally connects with everyone in the organization and promotes an inclusive and caring community within SWE. Walker was one of SWE’s top 5 general body members, resulting in earning the organization’s “Most-Involved Member Award.” Walker is always willing to support other SWE members, whether through volunteering at events, teaching ice skating, or sitting with new friends. Her positivity and contributions to SWE have contributed to the organization’s core values and success. 

Outstanding Positional Leader

Nathan Becker

Nathan Becker, a junior Mechanical Engineering student from Pickerington, Ohio, is being recognized for his excellent leadership to the Underwater Robotics Team at Ohio State. Nathan contributes his time and talents to ensure the success of UWRT projects, helping to organize team efforts for maximized efficiency and project fulfillment. Nathan also contributes to membership growth and sustainability of UWRT, working with members to ensure they can work on projects they are most passionate about and listening to their feedback. As his nomination states, “Nathan helps make the organization feel like a family,” fostering community within UWRT and ultimately contributing to its success. 

Cecilia Groves

Cecilia Groves, a senior Biomedical Engineering student from Westborough, Massachusetts, is being recognized for her incredible work as the Diversity & Inclusion Chair of the Biomedical Engineering Society. Cecilia exceeds expectations in her role as she advocates and informs the Buckeye community of various DE&I topics. Cecilia collaborates with student organizations on campus to ensure information is presented in an accurate and respectful manner. Her efforts have contributed to a more inclusive and collaborative community, both on campus and within BMES. 

Shivangi Mohta 

A senior Biomedical Engineering major from Solon, Ohio, Shivangi Mohta is being recongzied for her outstanding service as the External Vice President of the Biomedical Engineering Society. Although Shivangi has been involved with BMES for the past three years, she has consistently contributed to the growth of the organization, notably working tirelessly to implement a new sponsorship program. Shivangi cultivates meaningful relationships in her role not only with the BMES general body, but also with campus partners and stakeholders. Through her mentorship she provides outstanding guidance to underclassmen and is a valuable asset to BMES. 

Mukund Nadimpally 

As a senior Biomedical Engineering major from Dublin, Ohio, Mukund Nadimpally is being recognized for his outstanding work as Vice President of Buckeye Shadowing Club. Mukund ensured that the club had a seamless transition this year, after being formed in 2021. Mukund also goes above and beyond to ensure that the organization is operating efficiently and with the resources to succeed in their mission. Mukund’s efforts have been invaluable to the growth of the organization, and he was integral in establishing a collaborative, positive culture. 

Hafsah Rizvi 

As a sophomore Exercise Science major from Al Ain, UAE, Hafsah Rizvi is being recognized for her commendable service as Culture Night Coordinator of the Pilipino Student Association. Hafsah dove headfirst into helping plan the organization’s largest event, Barrio, which is an annual show celebrating Filipino culture. Hafsah worked tirelessly for months to ensure logistical details were in line and team members knew their roles for the event. Tickets for the event sold out thanks to her efforts, with over 300 attendees able to come together to celebrate and experience Filipino culture. 

Samantha Stenger

Samantha Stenger, a junior Computer Science & Engineering student from Cincinnati, Ohio, is being recognized for her exemplary efforts serving as the Membership Director for the Society of Women Engineers. Samantha has utilized her talents for leadership to contribute to SWE’s ongoing growth and sustainability, going above and beyond to keep organized, detailed notes at all events. Samantha routinely works to ensure interested Buckeyes are informed about and welcome to join SWE and pursues efforts to foster inclusive community among women engineers at Ohio State. Further, she has been a reliable mentor to younger and newer members, going out of her way to make sure they are supported. 

Outstanding Advisor

Kristina Kennedy

Kristina Kennedy, an Associate Professor of Engineering Education from Akron, Ohio, is being recognized for her outstanding advising of Ohio State’s Society of Women Engineers. Her above and beyond support of the organization’s operations and leadership have enabled SWE to prioritize DE&I initiatives and promote gender equity. She routinely offers advice and suggestions, working to connect SWE members with opportunities for success and growth. Her invaluable mentorship and support of SWE at Ohio State has enabled the organization to uplift women engineers, provide scholarship assistance, and offer community and opportunities for professional growth. 

Sorabh Khandelwal 

Dr. Sorabh Khandelwal, a practicing physician and professor from Dublin, Ohio, is being recognized for his outstanding work as an advisor to the Buckeye Shadowing Club. Being actively involved at Ohio State, Dr. Khandelwal has been an active part of the Buckeye Shadowing Club since its conception in Spring 2021. Through his marketing strategies, plethora of knowledge, and ability to form connections with students, he has been instrumental to the growth and success of the organization. As his nomination states, “Dr. Khandelwal is more than an advisor – he is a leader and a friend. 

Mark Ruegsegger 

Dr. Mark Ruegsegger, a professor within the Department of Biomedical Engineering from Dayton, Ohio, is being recognized for his excellent work as an advisor to the Biomedical Engineering Society. He dedicates his time and talents toward providing support to the organization and overseeing its operations and growth. However, his extraordinary mentorship and ability to foster relationships has contributed to a closer community within BMES. His dedication to BMES has enabled the organization to take advantage of professional development opportunities. 

Alex Sommer 

From Oxford, Ohio, and serving as an Academic Counselor and a Student-Athlete Engagement Coordinator in the Student-Athlete Support Services Office, Alex Sommer is being recognized for her exemplary achievements as an advisor to Buckeye Spectrum. Her efforts have led to the success of Buckeye Spectrum, which advocates for LGBTQIA+ student athletes, and have established a more inclusive community celebrative of diversity in athletics at Ohio State. She consistently supports student-athletes, whether through mentorship, resources, or personal growth. Her innate ability to build relationships and connect with students has helped create an atmosphere conducive to success. 

Community Engaged Leader Award

This award is designed to recognize the efforts of students at The Ohio State University who have demonstrated excellent commitment to community engagement and ethical service work. The committee will recognize those students who have demonstrated leadership at the college level and who demonstrate potential for great leadership in community engagement at Ohio State and after graduation. A successful applicant will articulate how their definition of “community engagement” has evolved since beginning college and will have a deep connection to the work of global citizenship. This award is developed in memory of Connor Jones, who was a fierce advocate for Buck-I-SERV Alternative Breaks and community engagement efforts at Ohio State and was deeply committed to the impact that college students can and should have on their community.

Vaishu Labhishetty 

Vaishu Labhishetty is a senior majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in Public Health from Delaware, Ohio. She is being recognized for her profound commitment to community engagement during her time at Ohio State. Vaishu serves as Co-Director for Pay It Forward, the Student Life cohort focused on local community service, especially through single days of service like Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service and Community Commitment. The programs she has helped bring to life have facilitated more than 3,000 hours of community service in the greater Columbus area. 

Shayanna Hinkle-Moore 

Shayanna Hinkle-Moore, a senior from Columbus, Ohio majoring in Public Management, Leadership, and Policy & City and Regional Planning , is being recognized her strong dedication to community engagement. Shayanna was nominated by her supervisor, Charity Martin-King, through her role as a Social Change Ambassador. In this role, Shayanna has worked with youth at the Schoenbaum Family Center, the Sista Sista program at Northland High School, and middle school GEM programs. Charity described Shayanna as someone who “sacrifices so much” and who has an intrinsic motivation and willingness to serve others. 

Radhika Pandit 

Radhika Pandit, a medical student and future OB/GYN from Mason, Ohio, is being recognized for her leadership and intentional engagement with the Buckeye and greater Columbus communities. An advocate for ethical community engagement, Radhika volunteers her time as a Steering Committee Member of the Columbus Free Clinic, working toward the elimination of gynecological health inequities. Radhika aspires to be an agent of change, particularly in reducing the disparities in maternal/infant morbidity and mortality in Black women. 

Dean's Leadership Award

This award is given to students of any class rank connected to at least one department within the Dean of Students area: Ohio Union; Parent and Family Relations; Student Advocacy Center; Student Conduct; Student Activities, Leadership and Community Engagement; Student Life Orientation; and/or Sorority and Fraternity Life. This award recognizes outstanding Buckeyes who exemplify the mission, vision, values, and goals of their department(s) within the Dean of Students area, as well as Ohio State University. Students being recognized who have made positive contributions to Ohio State’s campus and be in good academic and behavioral standing with the university.

Alexander Abreo 

Alexander Abreo, a third-year Neuroscience major from Dublin, Ohio, is being recognized for his exemplary accomplishments at Ohio State. A strong advocate for equitable healthcare practices, particularly as it pertains to Women of Color and breast cancer research, Alexander started an organization called BREACH, Buckeyes Racial/Ethnic Equity Awareness Centered in Healthcare. Alexander’s work with BREACH has touched the lives of thousands across 15+ states. 

Amrina Akter

Amrina Akter, a third-year student majoring in Health Sciences with a minor in Human Nutrition from Dublin, Ohio, is being honored with the Dean’s Leadership Award. As a founding member of both the Bangladeshi Cultural Organization and First-Generation Pre-Physician Assistant Organization, Amrina’s dedication to helping future Buckeyes succeed is clear. Amrina also demonstrated leadership and commitment to philanthropy in her role as Morale Coordinator for BuckeyeThon. These extraordinary involvements point to Amrina’s sincere desire to care for, support, and engage with current and future Buckeyes. 

Ania Campbell 

Ania Campbell, a fourth-year Nursing student with a minor in Human Nutrition from Blue Ash, Ohio, is being recognized for her outstanding involvement and leadership at Ohio State. As Vice President of the Ohio Union Activities Board and as a Building Manager at the Ohio Union, Ania has expertly balanced her co-curricular involvements with her academics. In each of these roles, Ania “takes great pride in working at the Union” and strives to “promote [it] as a welcoming and safe center for visitors and current students.” 

Gabriella DelPrete 

Gabriella Delprete, a senior from Twinsburg, Ohio, is being recognized for her outstanding achievements at Ohio State as she pursues her degree in Psychology. As a Mount Scholar, Resident Advisor, Marketing & Communications coordinator for BuckeyeThon, and Buckeye Leadership Fellow, Gabriella has dedicated herself to the betterment of her community through compassion, inclusion, service, and leadership. She thanks the Office of Student Life, Housing & Residence Education, and Honors & Scholars for the growth opportunities she has been afforded during her time at Ohio State. 


Mukund Tarimala 

Mukund Tarimala, a Chemical Engineering & Chemistry graduate student from Dublin, Ohio, is being honored for his commendable achievements at Ohio State. As President of the Buckeye Shadowing Club, Mukund has helped to increase accessibility of medical shadowing for all Ohio State students. In his role as Director of Special Events for the Ohio Union Activities Board, Mukund led a committee which planned large-scale events for the student body. In all of his involvements, Mukund is passionate about removing barriers and increasing accessibility of resources for all Buckeyes. 


Outstanding Senior Award

The final award we will recognize is the Outstanding Senior Award. Each spring, The Ohio State University recognizes seniors who have made significant contributions to the University and community. To receive this recognition, students must have demonstrated exemplary scholarship, leadership and service over the course of their college careers. More than a grade point average, scholarship includes contributing to the academic life of the University. Leadership may be a concentrated effort to make a difference in one facet of the University, or through responsibilities in more than one organization. Service involves working in partnership with communities to make positive social change. This award is given to less than 1% of Ohio State’s graduating seniors.

Grace Beedles 

Grace Beedles, a senior Political Science and Strategic Communication student from Cleveland, Ohio, is being recognized for her outstanding achievements during her time at Ohio State. Her roles as Vice President of Programming and Executive Vice President of BuckeyeThon helped her to grow into a passionate, supportive leader. This will serve her well in her future work, as she hopes to begin a career in philanthropy which is focused on championing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her involvement with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated has also helped to instill in her the importance of giving back to her local community, both at Ohio State and in the greater Columbus area. After graduation she plans to pursue her law degree to become a sports and entertainment lawyer to advocate for and support those most marginalized by the industry 

Ruth Elendu 

Ruth Elendu, a fourth-year majoring in Middle Eastern Studies and African Studies from Alayi, Nigeria, is being honored for her impact and involvement at Ohio State. As a member of the Program for Advancing Scholarship & Service (PASS), a Peer Leader, an intern with the Ohio Governor’s Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force, Arabic Critical Language Scholar, member of Sphinx Senior Honorary, and Resident Advisor, Ruth has touched so many different corners of this campus with her involvement. Further, Ruth’s commitment to using her knowledge and experience to help human trafficking victims at both the community and state level demonstrates how her impact has extended beyond the Ohio State community. 

Aastha Gupta 

Nominated for multiple awards this year, Aastha Gupta, a senior Computer Science and Engineering student from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, is being nominated tonight for her efforts to promote belonging and social change engagement as president of the Biomedical Engineering Society. Aastha helped facilitate the organization’s “Evaluating DE&I Initiatives in Industry” event, having students share resources and actions for employees and candidates to best evaluate corporate DE&I efforts, initiatives, and policies. This program helps empower individuals to initiative social change in the workplace where it may not already be abundant and to have the resources to evaluate and identify whether they are being treated fairly in the workplace. Aastha’s exemplary efforts help promote a deeper understanding of social change to Ohio State students and offered a safe space for exploration of these concepts.  Upon graduation, Aastha will be applying those skills as a Systems Engineer at Northrop Grumman (NG), a connection she made because of her involvement with SWE. 

John Holzaepfel 

John Holzaepfel, a senior majoring in Public Management, Leadership & Policy from Marblehead, Ohio, is being honored for his numerous involvements at Ohio State. John credits his experiences with Mount Leadership Society Scholars, the Nonprofit Immersion Program, and Pay It Forward student cohort as having the greatest impact on his personal growth in college. In each of these positions, he had the opportunity to practice event planning which was deeply rooted in community engagement as service. Beyond supporting community partners such as Columbus Parks and Recreation and the Mid-Ohio Food Bank, John also Co-Chaired Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, a single day of service which connected over 540 student volunteers with more than 30 area agencies. John’s recommender described him as “one of the brightest lights [she] had the fortune of getting to know” and he will continue to spread that light in his future career running a non-profit after getting his MPA at OSU. 

Tanner Hunt 

Tanner Hunt, a fourth-year student and Health Information Management & Systems major from Worthington, Ohio, is being recognized tonight for his outstanding commitment to Ohio State. As the Undergraduate Student Trustee on the Ohio State University Board of Trustees, Recruitment Host Captain for Undergraduate Admissions and Ohio State Football, and Advancement & Alumni Relations Chair of the Mount Leadership Society Scholars Program, Tanner has exhibited incredible leadership ability and a desire to advocate for his peers and help voice their thoughts to university leadership. Tanner plans to become an Associate at the Boston Consulting Group and hopes to help change the landscape of global health, medical technology, and biopharmacology.  

Kelsey Lowman 

Kelsey Lowman, a senior majoring in Political Science with a minor in Women, Gender & Public Policy from Hudson, Ohio, is being honored tonight with both the Kaplan Humanitarian Award and the Outstanding Senior Award. Beyond her aforementioned involvements, Kelsey also sits on the University’s implementation task force for Mental Health & Suicide Prevention. She works on the Outreach and Engagement committee in pursuit of a more accessible Ohio State, dismantling barriers to accessing mental health resources and support. Her desire to work toward positive change, growth, support, and the holistic wellbeing of all students, faculty, and staff is derived from her pride in being a Buckeye and her gratefulness for the opportunities she has been afforded here. 

Megan McNutt 

Megan McNutt, a senior Biomedical Engineering major from Painted Post, New York, is being recognized for her advocacy for LGBTQ+ student athletes at Ohio State. Megan has developed a passion for non-positional leadership through her time on the Varsity Women’s Rowing Team, and, when she recognized the need for an on-campus organization dedicated to LGBTQ+ student athletes, she started one. As a founding member and a treasurer of Buckeye Spectrum, Megan seeks to provide a safe space for LGBTQ+ student athletes to be their authentic selves and share their experiences with one another. Megan is also a Research Assistant in the Bioinformatics and Mathematical Biosciences Lab, and she wishes to become a physician who provides inclusive medical care. 

Ayush Mehra 

Ayush Mehra, a fourth-year from Dublin, Ohio majoring in Human Nutrition, is being honored for his dedication to community service at Ohio State. In his roles as President of Buckeye Racial/Ethnic Equity Awareness Centered in Healthcare (BREACH), Co-Founder of Heart for the Unhoused, and undergraduate researcher at the Multidisciplinary Opportunities for moVement Education and Science (MOvES) Lab, Ayush has provided support, care, and resources to people both within the Buckeye community and in the greater Columbus area. He has also presented a unique clinical case study of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data at the Midwest American College of Sports Medicine Conference. According to his recommender, “to state that Ayush is resourceful, trustworthy, and can handle pressure would be a complete understatement of his immense talents, yet humble personality.” After graduation, he intends to pursue an MBA/MD to have a unique practical perspective and drive healthcare innovation to improve the health of vulnerable communities. 

Meghan Mitchell 

Meghan Mitchell, a senior Public Policy Analysis and Sport Industry double major from Lubbock, Ohio, is being recognized for her civic and community engagement work at Ohio State. As a tutor in the Student Athlete Support Services Office, member of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, and member of University Senate, Meghan has learned about the power of storytelling and trust within communities. Meghan’s lived experiences also led her on the path to the Washington Academic Internship Program, which demonstrated that she could have a tangible, positive effect on public policy if she could “harness [her] passions into change.” She hopes to use her future law degree and experiences with WAIP and University Senate to pursue solutions to the social policy problems she cares deeply about.  

Derek Moore 

Derek Moore, a fourth-year Business Administration major with a specialization in Information Systems and Honors Distinction, is from Toledo, Ohio. Derek is being honored for his leadership and efforts related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Derek has served as Undergraduate Student Body Vice President, Diversity Ambassador for the Ohio Union Activities Board, member of the Caring Colors Empowerment Organization, and Research Assistant for the Associate Vice Provost of the Office of Diversity & Inclusion. As part of these endeavors, Derek has advocated for policy changes which have saved students thousands of dollars in transportation and increased on-campus dining options corresponding with the Lunar New Year, while also facilitating the co-creation of a new strategic plan for Undergraduate Student Government. Derek’s recommender states that he “is creative, curious, and demonstrates critical success factors in student leadership, service, and scholarship.” Derek plans to return to New York post-graduation, where he will be working for Ernst & Young in their Parthenon group as Management Consultant. 

Rakesh Murugesan 

Rakesh Murugesan, a senior from Dublin, Ohio majoring in Biomedical Science, is being recognized for his work in the nonprofit space. Rakesh serves as the Vice President of Strategic Engagement and Executive Secretary of BuckeyeThon, Co-Founder and Executive Director of a nonprofit called Philocracy, and an undergraduate researcher working on therapies for acute myeloid leukemia in the Tridanapani Lab. After recognizing the ways that systemic issues negatively impact Columbus youth, Rakesh organized a group of his friends to co-found a 501C3 nonprofit called Philocracy, meaning “governance by love,” which sells unique apparel that tells a local nonprofit’s story and donates all of their proceeds back to that partner. This venture has had an incredible impact on organization such as the Kaleidoscope Youth Center and the LSS Choices for Victims of Domestic Violence. This Fall, Rakesh will attend medical school to become a physician-scientist focused on improving outcomes for pediatric oncology patients. 

Gabriel Myers 

Gabriel Myers, a fourth-year student majoring in Neuroscience from Delaware, Ohio, is being recognized for his advocacy for LGBTQ+ students at Ohio State. Gabriel has served as an On-Campus Senator, Justice and Equity Committee Director, University Senator, and ABTS Executive Board Member within Undergraduate Student Government and University Senate. In these roles, Gabriel has been able to participate in many different impactful projects, such as the 2020 LGBTQ+ Campus Climate Report, the creation of the university naming review procedure and committee, and the Student Code of Conduct review. Gabriel hopes to attend medical school and pursue a master’s degree in Public Health simultaneously. His recommender states that “he exhibits the values meant to be recognized by the Outstanding Senior Award with his academic performance, excellent volunteer campus leadership, and service to fellow students.” 

Trace Nguyen 

Trace Nguyen, a senior from Pickerington, Ohio, is being honored for his advocacy work with Asian-American and Pacific Islander and LGBTQ+ students, both in Sorority & Fraternity Life and the STEM field. Trace chartered a chapter of Lambda Phi Epsilon International Fraternity Incorporated to create a much-needed space for Asian American and Pacific Islander students to call home and fight for change. Through his leadership, his recommender notes that “his chapter is now thriving on campus.” As a positional leader in Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers, leader within the Multicultural Greek Council, and member of Trans*Mission, Trace has endeavored to celebrate and uplift AAPI and LGBTQ+ representation. According to his recommender, “he wants to continue his service after graduation by working with a non-profit organization that supports and provides resources for unhoused Asian and/or LGBTQ+ youth.” Trace has accepted a role as a Flight Deck Design Engineer with Boeing and will be moving to Seattle, Washington in May. 

Caitlin O’Brien 

Caitlin O’Brien, a fourth-year majoring in Astronomy, Astrophysics, and Physics from Dublin, Ohio, is being recognized for her achievements at Ohio State. As the Co-Founder and Vice President of the Zenith Mentorship Program, she has created a safe space for blind and low-vision 8th-12th grade students interested in space science. As the President of the Astronomical Society and Assistant Director of a 501C3 nonprofit called SciAccess, Inc., she has done amazing advocacy work to increase accessibility in STEM fields. She has provided time, resources, and mentorship to each of these programs to reject the status quo and take a stand for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her recommender notes that “her level of skill and accomplishments are those of an advanced graduate student.” Caitlin hopes to pursue a PhD Astrophysics after taking a gap year to continue work at SciAccess, Inc. 

Amanya Paige 

Amanya Paige, a senior from Prince George’s County, Maryland majoring in Strategic Communication and Sociology, is being honored for her outstanding involvement at Ohio State. In 2020, Amanya championed the creation of the Undergraduate Black Caucus within Undergraduate Student Government. As chair of Black Caucus, Amanya has provided funding to Black student entrepreneurs to advance their businesses, fostered relationships with the Black Alumni Society, and set the standard for other universities in the Association of Big Ten Students. Amanya is also a Buckeye Leadership Fellow and remarks that her “leadership concept is rooted in not being the first and last” to accomplish something, demonstrating her dedication to peer mentorship. Amanya plans to pursue a Master’s in Human Resource Management while working at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. as a Human Resources Analyst. Post-graduation she will be pursuing my Masters in Human Resource Management while working at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. as a Human Resources Analyst. 

Danni Patterson 

Danni Patterson, a fourth-year studying Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies from Mayfield, Ohio, is being recognized for her incredible achievements at Ohio State. Danni serves as the President of both It’s On Us, a student organization whose mission is to end sexual violence through support and advocacy. She also serves as President of Triota, the Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies Honor Society, through which she contributed to and directed the creation of a feminist zine called BODIES. She has also served as Head of Marketing for PERIOD, a mentor with College Mentors for Kids, a Student Ambassador with the Student Health Center, and Resident Advisor with Housing & Residence Education. Danni’s recommender noted that she “modeled a way to be both fearsome and joyful in the pursuit of better, freer futures.” Her goal for post-graduation is to become employed by local nonprofit organizations that promote comprehensive sex education in our communities.  

Allison Sanders 

Allison Sanders, a senior from Springfield, Ohio majoring in Animal Sciences, is being honored for her outstanding involvement at Ohio State. As a member of both the College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences Peer Mentor program and the Animal Science Community Alliance, Allison has dedicated her college experience to mentoring and teaching younger students in her college and major. Allison says that the motto “think globally, act locally” has guided her work throughout her undergraduate career, which led her to volunteering as a student organizer for the Ohio Youth Institute as part of the World Food Prize Foundation’s Global Youth Institute, often nicknamed the “Nobel Prize of Agriculture.” Allison’s goal is to help ensure that the animal science industry stays open to new perspectives and remains sustainable for future generations. According to her recommender, Allison is “bright and forward-thinking with a contagiously positive attitude.” She will be pursuing a graduate degree in Animal Nutrition, focusing on dairy cow nutrition 

Andrew Pierce II 

Andrew Pierce II, a senior studying Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration from Columbus, Ohio, is being recognized for his incredible achievements at Ohio State. Currently serving as Undergraduate Student Body President in Undergraduate Student Government, Andrew has utilized his skills of coalition building, strategic planning, and community engagement to help enact policy changes that improve the student experience. Andrew has also done policy research via the John Glenn College of Public Affairs and worked with the Democratic Governors Association’s Educational Policy team through the Washington Academic Internship Program. His post-graduate goal is to find a position which allows him to center lived experience in public policy and utilize the law for public good. His recommender states that Andrew “is compassionate, demonstrating a depth of character and breadth of intelligence—academic and emotional—that contributes to his amazing success.” 

Shrishti Shrivastava 

Shrishti Shrivastava, a fourth-year from Lewis Center, Ohio studying Microbiology, is being honored for her outstanding involvements at Ohio State. As President of BuckeyeThon, Shrishti oversees internal operations and drives the formation of a recruitment strategy for the annual Dance Marathon, raising over $1 million in support of pediatric cancer and blood disorder research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. She has endeavored to make philanthropy more accessible to students by implementing new levels of involvement within the organization and supporting the growth of the new Executive Director of Diversity & Inclusion position. Shrishti also serves as a Patient Care Associate at the James Cancer Center & Solove Research Institute. Her recommender remarks that she is “able to generate valuable dialogue and growth among members and helps to create a sense of community among them.” In the future, she hopes to use her experiences to fight against health disparities as a physician. 

Oliver Williams 

Oliver Williams, a senior majoring in Public Policy Analysis with a specialization in Community Organizing and Civic Engagement from Portland, Oregon, is being recognized for his incredible involvements at Ohio State. Oliver is a student athlete and volunteer coach on the Ohio State Varity Rowing Team, is a member of Buckeye Spectrum, and co-founded the Queer Student Athlete Coalition. In each of these endeavors, Oliver has had a profound impact on LGBTQ+ student athletes, specifically seeking to sustain and create visibility and community for LGBTQ+ student athletes through the promotion of student and staff leadership and education. Oliver specializes in Community Organizing and Civic Engagement due to his desire to work with marginalized communities to support their needs and help mobilize them to advocate for change. Oliver’s recommender states that “his passion, efforts, and outstanding impact has been a constant regardless of any adversity he has faced.” After graduation he wants to be policy advisor or legislative analyst to protect civil rights and uplift marginalized communities.