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Leadership Week

What is Leadership Week?

Leadership Week is a university-wide collaboration to strengthen the culture of student leadership at Ohio State. Whether you have lots of leadership experience or are new to the concept, we encourage you to attend at least one event this week to strengthen your leadership abilities in one or several of the leadership themes explored throughout the week.

Sessions will be connected to at least 1 of our 5 themes for Leadership Week:

  • Career Development - Developing your leadership also means that you are developing skills that will serve you in your future career path. Programs focused on Career Development will help you understand the relationships between your professional trajectory and the development of your leadership skills. 
  • Community Engagement - We believe that leadership is a process that can be learned, with the ultimate goal of bettering our communities. Programs focused on Community Engagement explore the various ways in which you, as a student, can be engaged in your community in positive and meaningful ways.
  • Inclusion - Leadership is practiced with groups of diverse people with distinct experiences and worldviews. As such, it is critical for leaders to integrate inclusive practices into their leadership style. Programs focused on Inclusion will help you learn more about diverse identities, power and privilege, and how to be a more inclusive leader.
  • Personal Exploration - Strong leadership begins with self-awareness and self-reflection. Programs focused on Personal Exploration are designed to do just that - bolster your own understanding of your strengths, your areas for growth, and the unique way you can contribute as a leader.
  • Wellness - Effective leadership and wellness go hand in hand - but sometimes leaders need a reminder about the valuable relationship between the two. Programs focused on Wellness will help you learn more about our 10 Dimensions of Wellness and how to integrate wellness into your leadership style.

When is Leadership Week?

Leadership Week 2023 will be October 2-6. Check out our full calendar of programs and register for sessions today here on our website!

Leadership Week Incentive Program

We want you to take advantage of as many Leadership Week programs as possible, so we have launched an incentive program for Leadership Week this year!

  • For each session you attend, you'll be entered to win one of several $25 Gift Cards (BuckID, Target, Starbucks, Chipotle, Bibibop)
  • The more sessions you attend, the more entries you'll recieve!

Leadership Week Certification Program

This year we are launching a Leadership Week Certification Program to encourage students to take advantage of as many Leadership Week programs as possible and recognize their efforts!

  • If you attend 3 or more sessions throughout Leadership Week, you will receive a Leadership Week Silver Certification recognizing your efforts in leadership development. 

  • If you attend 5 or more sessions throughout Leadership Week, you will receive a Leadership Week Gold Certification recognizing your efforts in leadership development. 


Questions? Please contact Anna Wagner!

If you require an accommodation such as live captioning or interpretation to participate in a Leadership Week event, please contact Anna Wagner at or 614-688-3515. Requests made by one week before the selected session will generally allow us to provide seamless access, but the university will make every effort to meet requests made after this date.