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Leadership and Community Engagement

Buckeye Leadership Fellows

The Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program builds, in partnership with alumni and community leaders, unique transformative experiences for undergraduate students so they can achieve a competitive advantage in their post-graduate pursuits and remain deeply connected to the university. The Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program offers transformative real-world experiences that challenge Fellows to develop character, strengthen confidence, build capacity and refine purpose.

The Values of BLF are

  • RELATIONSHIPS: investment in others to build community, share ideas, learn from others and create synergies - understanding that innovations occur through relationships and teams
  • CURIOSITY: about the people, ideas or contents of one’s surroundings that fuels one to ask critical questions, add their individual perspective and develop novel ideas
  • ENGAGEMENT: showing up, making contributions and maintaining energy in all one does
  • LEADERSHIP: working hard, making decisions, holding oneself and others accountable to commitments and delivering results in an ethical manner
  • DIVERSITY: of backgrounds, experiences, thoughts, academic disciplines, ideas and identities
  • INTENTIONALITY: discovering, living and refining one’s purpose through the pursuit of goals and meaningful involvements
  • FAILURE: willingness to try to learn from the experience, regardless of the outcome

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