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Faculty and Staff Advisors

Each Buck-I-SERV trip has a faculty/staff advisor, who is guided by a Buck-I-SERV board member and support for trip leaders and participants. As an advisor, faculty/staff can expect to learn from student leaders and participants, coordinate and document trip finances, engage in education and reflection, actively participate in all pre- and post-trip meetings, and participate without incurring program fees. Any interested faculty/staff, including graduate and professional students, with a willingness to lead and serve is encouraged to apply. 

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About Faculty/Staff Advising 

  • Application: Interested faculty/staff can apply to be a Buck-I-SERV alternative breaks advisor through our application portal
  • Eligibility: Advisors must be an Ohio State University faculty, staff, graduate or professional student in order to apply. 
  • Benefits: Trip advisors will deeply engage will a unique group of students, have support from staff and board member, and connect meaningfully with community partners. Also, trip advisors are not changed a participant fee. 
  • Expectations: Trip advisors are expected to actively attend and participate in all pre- and post-trip trainings, travel with the students for the entire break, maintain regular communication with others, as well as take a back stage role to allow students to engage in meaningful leadership development. 
  • Accepted Advisors: If you have applied and been accepted for a Buck-I-SERV trip as a faculty/staff advisor, please find additional information and next steps on our accepted participant website

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