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Being Civically Engaged

Civic engagement does not just include voting, and there are numerous ways to be involved in your community even when there are not election actively happening! Below, you will find several tools and ideas for engaging as an active citizen in your community.


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Get Involved with Social Change 

Student Life Social Change brings together the communities of The Ohio State University and the State of Ohio. They believe that sustainable, community-driven, placed-based, multi-disciplinary programs can empower the local community and advance the well-being of the people of Ohio.

Their site includes countless volunteer opportunities and other ways to make change in your community, all for Ohio State students. Check it out!


Contact Your Local Representatives

You have the right to contact your representatives with concerns, questions, and any inquiries you may have for those in power representing you! Visit the Ohio House of Representatives site to find your local representatives by county.

Additionally, if you are from out-of-state and want to find your own local representatives, the United States House of Representatives site has a handy locator tool!


Volunteer in the Community

Leadership & Community Engagement hosts service and outreach opportunities regularly throughout the year and advance their work in the community through Pay It Forward, Buck-I-Serv, Semester of Service, and more!

Volunteering is just one way to contribute in your community, and there is never a shortage of demand for volunteers. According to the Ohio Commision of Service and Volunteerism, Ohioans contributed 278 million hours of service last year. The SERVE Ohio website also conveniently lists up-to-date opportunities for any volunteer-based needs in your community, sorted by county.


Attend City Council Meetings

City Council meetings are open to the public and are great ways to engage with your community while ensuring your voice is heard. Find information for attending these meetings below based on your campus:


Follow a Variety of News Sources

We recognize that no news organization can be completely nonpartisan, so we recommend following a range of news sources to draw your own conclusions about current events. Nonpartisan organizations we recommend include WOSU and NPR, in addition to international coverage of the U.S. such as BBC News and Al Jazeera.