Office of Student Life

Leadership Retreats

Planning a retreat for your organization? We're here to help!

Leadership & Service is proud to offer a variety of resources to help your organization plan and implement a successful retreat.  Utilize the resources below or contact our staff for additional assistance.

Plan Your Own Retreat

Request Student Leadership Advocates: Our trained staff and student facilitators can help design and lead a retreat for you. We can help you create an agenda, select appropriate activities and topics, facilitate a portion of or your entire retreat and provide select supplies. Complete the SLA Workshop Request Form today to get started with a consultation.

Are You A Student Org? Apply for a Member Development Grant! The Member Development Grant program will allow student organizations to apply for funding up to $500 to host a developmental opportunity for student organization members. A member development experience is designed to meaningfully contribute to a member's connection to the organization and other members by fostering relationships as well as developing Leadership Capacity and Confidence, Social Perspective Taking, and/or Wellness, as defined by the Student Organization Success Framework. Developmental programs can be single events or multi-day experiences, but must start and end within the appropriate date range for the funding window.

Additional questions? Contact Kala Coyan-McClure (