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Buck-I-SERV is an exciting opportunity for students at all levels to learn, travel, and serve. Any undergraduate or graduate student on the Columbus campus who has paid the student activity fee is eligible to apply for a Buck-I-SERV trip. These unique, week-long, group service experiences connect students with social justice issues across the country and internationally. Participants provide meaningful service with community partners and engage in interpersonal growth with fellow students. No previous skills are required, and students with a diversity of life experiences are encouraged to apply. 

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About Student Participation 

  • Application: Interested students can apply for Buck-I-SERV alternative breaks through our application portal
  • Eligibility: Any Columbus campus student who has paid the Student Activity Fee is eligible to apply for participation in a Buck-I-SERV alternative break. Graduating students may not participate in trips which fall directly after their graduation. 
  • Expectations: Student participants are expected to meet all Buck-I-SERV trip deadlines and attend all pre- and post-departure meetings for service. During service, participants must always travel and remain with their group while fully participating in all service and other activities. Buck-I-SERV is a substance free alternative break, the use of any substances, including alcohol, is prohibited. 
  • Cost: Domestic Buck-I-SERV trips for the 2023-2024 academic year will have a participant fee of $500, while international trips will be $2,000. 
  • Funding: Students will be provided with additional resources for funding their Buck-I-SERV trip after acceptance. For students in financial need, please contact Buck-I-SERV for additional resources. 
  • STEP: STEP participants are highly encouraged to utilize their Buck-I-SERV experience as their signature project for which to apply STEP funding. 
  • Sample Expenses: Buck-I-SERV is primarily funded through the Student Activity Fee which allows for all Columbus campus students who have paid the fee to access alternative break trips at a reduced cost to them. Please view our sample expense sheet for a better understanding of our funding structure. 
  • Payment: Participants are expected to submit a deposit of $100 for domestic trips or $200 for international trips upon accepting a Buck-I-SERV trip offer. Domestic trips will require two additional payments of $200 each, while international trips will require three additional payments of $600 each. Please contact Buck-I-SERV to discuss payment plan options or the distribution timeline for STEP funds. 
  • Accepted Participants: If you have applied and been accepted for a Buck-I-SERV trip as a participant, please find additional information and next steps on our accepted participant website

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