Office of Student Life

Student Leadership

Buck-I-SERV provides students the opportunity to travel, learn, and lead. Students at all levels will gain valuable leadership skills as student trip leaders who oversee their unique Buck-I-SERV trip experience. For those interested in expanding their leadership skills in a long-term capacity, the Buck-I-SERV board provides a one-year intensive commitment to the growth and sustainability of the entire Buck-I-SERV program. Students are encouraged to learn more about Buck-I-SERV leadership opportunities to find the best fit for them! 

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Student Trip Leaders 

Each Buck-I-SERV trip is facilitated by at least one student leader, who is guided by a Buck-I-SERV board member and the faculty/staff trip advisor. As a trip leader, students can expect to learn invaluable and transferable skills, coordinate trip logistics, engage in education and reflection, actively participate in all pre- and post-trip meetings, and receive a discount on their participant fee. Any interested student, regardless of previous experience, with a willingness to lead and serve is encouraged to apply. 

About Student Trip Leadership 

  • Application: Interested students can apply to be a Buck-I-SERV alternative breaks trip leader through our application portal
  • Eligibility: There are no additional requirements, beyond the standard Buck-I-SERV participant requirements, to apply to become a trip leader. 
  • Benefits: Trip leaders will gain communication, program management, facilitation, crisis management, conflict resolution, and other skills impactful for the future. Also, trip leaders receive a 50% discount on the student participant fee. 
  • Expectations: Trip leaders are expected to actively attend and participate in all pre- and post-trip trainings, coordinate trip logistics, maintain regular communication with others, as well as educate and encourage reflection from participants. 
  • Accepted Leaders: If you have applied and been accepted for a Buck-I-SERV trip as a trip leader, please find additional information and next steps on our accepted participant website

Buck-I-SERV Student Board 

As a part of the Office of Student Life, the Buck-I-SERV Board serves to support the week-long alternative break programs. Each year, the Buck-I-SERV Board assists in the coordination, planning, and delivery of service opportunities located in different regions around the world. Additionally, the Board facilitates all trainings and events for the Buck-I-SERV community including for participants and student trip leaders. The Buck-I-SERV Board position is unpaid. Students who are interested in learning more about service, community engagement, relationship building, leadership, social justice, event planning, and mentorship are encouraged to apply. 

About Student Board Membership 

  • Application: Applications for the 2024-2025 Buck-I-SERV board will open in early 2024. 
  • Eligibility: Any Ohio State student on the Columbus campus who has paid the student activity fee and is in good standing may apply. Although not required, applications are encouraged from previous Buck-I-SERV participants or leaders. 
  • Benefits: Board members will gain in-depth leadership, project management, and program development, while furthering their individual and professional development through sustained interactions and trainings with community partners and professional staff. 
  • Expectations: Board members will be assigned at least one Buck-I-SERV trip per cycle and are responsible for building relationships with community partners to establish trip logistics, communicating frequently with all service partners, and providing guidance for student trip leaders. Board members are expected to actively participate in at least one committee, attend weekly board meetings, attend board training, and assist in coordination of large-scale events. 
  • Accepted Board Members: If you have applied and been accepted as a 2023-2024 Buck-I-SERV board member, please contact Buck-I-SERV for additional information and next steps. 

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