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SEA Change Cohort

Who is SEA Change?

SEA Change cares about the wellbeing of our communities. We help social entrepreneurs reach more people in a meaningful way. We support entrepreneurs in becoming a part of their local SE ecosystem by helping them develop a sustainable business model, access funding, and solidify their meaningful social impact. Offering both in-person and online programs, we work to meet the needs of social entrepreneurs everywhere!”

Why SEA Change?

SEA Change has a 14-module curriculum that helps entrepreneurs move forward further, faster. Through the weeks of our program, entrepreneurs will solidify their measurable social impact, identify a financial sustainability plan, and connect to their local social enterprise ecosystem. They work through partnership to grow the number of well vetted social enterprises, and 87% of their alumni are still in business years after the educational programming. SEA Change recognizes that social entrepreneurship may not be for everyone. Some participants use the program to figure out they need to pivot their idea. Some determine they fall more into a traditional non-profit or for-profit model.

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