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Keith B. Key Buckeye Social Entrepreneurship Program

The Keith B. Key Buckeye Social Entrepreneurship Program (BSEP) seeks to educate, equip and empower student social entrepreneurial leaders who will transform knowledge into action and create communities in which innovation, creativity, and cooperative partnerships abound.

Educational content will be provided both in workshops designed to create learning environments based on “real-world” experiences that students need to become social entrepreneurs as well as events that are promoting social entrepreneurship 

Program Services

The Buckeye Social Entrepreneurship Program is open to all (graduate/professional and undergraduate) Ohio State students of any major who have a special interest in social entrepreneurship.

Students in the program work collaboratively with social entrepreneurs, faculty and community members to identify and solve real life issues while growing their own business acumen and developing their own work portfolios.

Participants have the opportunity to obtain the necessary tools to create and conduct feasibility studies, develop reasoning skills and devise multiple strategies for addressing a single issue in a professional setting.

BSEP has the potential to attract capital investment opportunities as an incubator for student innovators who develop plans for projects that address real community issues. Earnings from these investments go toward expanding opportunities for future social entrepreneurs.

BSEP benefits the community by providing invaluable resources to campus social entrepreneurs and increasing the business acumen for all students who participate.

Students who engage with BSEP will:

  • Have an understanding of social entrepreneurship and its impact on society.
  • Create a sense of social entrepreneur identity based on motivation, roles, and key responsibilities.
  • Grow and nurture a business ideas through multiple states of growth.
  • Establish business networks with other social entrepreneurs.