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Columbus Service Support Program

The Columbus Service Support Program is currently paused, with a hope to return in Autumn 2023. 

If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please contact Julie Schnell (


The Columbus Service Support Program exists to support students at Ohio State in engaging in service. If selected, Pay It Forward will provide your student group or organization with financial support for a one-time small-scale (up to $300) or long-term (up to $1,000 - Fall semester only) service experience.  Some examples of how funds can be used include:

  • Transportation costs
  • Supplies for events
  • Background check costs

One-Time Service Award (up to $300)

This one-time award is for student organizations who want to kick start their service engagement in an issue they are passionate about. Organizations are required to plan and participate in the event by the end of the semester. The Pay it Forward service coach will assist with planning the event and building a new community partnership between the student organization and a non-profit agency. Students selected for this level of funding in the Spring must complete their service project by April 29, 2022.

Continuous Service Award (up to $1,000): 

The Continuous Service Award is for students organizations looking to participate in a long-term experience. It is a year long award to engage in ongoing service; such as starting a new service program on campus or for your organization. Recipients of the continuous service award must engage in at least 5 service activities throughout the year, and must complete their project by April 29, 2022. This award is only available in the Fall semester.

Step #1: Orientation

All recipients selected for funding are required to attend the Columbus Service Support Program orientation. Orientation is mandatory as we will be sharing important information about the award and coaching process. The initial meeting between the Pay it Forward service coach and the student organization will also take place at this time. 

Step #2: Coaching

Student orgs/groups apply to receiving funding for a one-time or ongoing service program.  If they are selected to receive funding, the student leaders of these groups are required to meet with a Pay It Forward cohort member for at least three coaching/planning meetings. The Pay It Forward cohort member will help this group plan the logistics of their service program to ensure it is a meaningful experience.

Step #3: Service

Students will engage in community service activities that fit their organization’s goals and objectives. The types of activities will vary depending on what groups apply and are selected for the program.

Step #4: Reflection

Through the coaching component of the program, student groups will be provided resources and support to develop reflection activities to facilitate with their group after they complete service. This may include conversations, journaling, 1-on-1 discussions, etc.

Contact Information

Any questions about the Columbus Service Support Program can be sent to the Pay It Forward advisor, Julie Schnell (