Office of Student Life

Leadership & Community Engagement


OSU Votes offers a variety of workshops to all members of the Ohio State community. These presentations are ideal for classes, student organizations, athletic teams, residence halls, Greek organizations, and many more. Topics include:

  • How to register to vote in Ohio
  • Being an Informed Voter
  • Early and Absentee Voting
  • Voting Rights and Provisional Voting
  • Day-of-Voting Practices
  • The Primary Process
  • We Actually Do Care: Young People in Politics

We ask that you submit each workshop request at least two weeks before your preferred presentation date. This will allow us enough time to assign an OSU Votes Ambassador to your session. 

OSU Votes Ambassadors are also available to staff an information table at your event if you'd like us to explain election laws and coordinate voter registration.

Request an OSU Votes workshop today!

OSU Votes has also digitzed most of their workshops into an asynchronous format hosted on our OSU Votes Carmen page. If you would like acess to the Carmen page for you, a group, a class, etc, please email

Please submit the request form at least two weeks in advance of your requested workshop or tabling date.